The Nutrients and Vitamins of Carrot Juice

In fact, applying the healthy life is the simple and cheap matter because all you need is only the natural ingredients such as fruit and vegetables. All of fruits contain vitamins and nutrients that are good for the body. Fruit and vegetable juice not only can increase the endurance, but it is also very effective for lowering cholesterol. Therefore, for you who want to get the natural benefits of fruits and vegetables, you are advised to consume the fruits juice every day. The solid activity and lifestyle can trigger a variety of diseases for humans. In addition, the environmental conditions and climate change also negatively impact the health. As a suggestion, you can add the carrot juice in your daily diet.

Carrot is one of the vegetables that are popular all over the world. It contains vitamin A. Besides having an affordable price, this is also the additional ingredient that is most often used as a part of the culinary. Moreover, like in the reports of the Sunflower Press, carrot contains a lot of vitamins and fiber. However, not everyone likes the typical taste of carrot. Therefore, people tend to add the other fruits to disguise the original taste of carrots. Drinking carrot juice is one of the easiet ways to get a wide range of essential minerals and vitamins that can support the health of our body.

So, what are the specific benefits of carrot juice for health? First, a glass of carrot juice contains of 80 calories. This means that it has met about 4% of your total daily calories intake. This is perfect for you who are running the diet program. Second, it contains Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin A, B, C and E. As we know, potassium is the most important electrolyte that is needed for body. Meanwhile, 14% of the daily need of iron can also be obtained in a glass of carrot juice.

For those who do not know the benefits of vitamins in carrots. Here is the explanation. Vitamin A is good for eyes and vitamin B is good for the nervous system, metabolism and brain. In addition, vitamin C and E have the important role in maintaining the health of the immune and body cells. Third, carrot juice is good for lung. It is included to protect the respiratory system from the risk of infection by air pollution. Therefore, for smokers, it would be nice if you add carrot juice on your diet.

Fourth, it can improve the liver function. Carrot juice is known as one of the most effective methods to detoxify the liver. It will clean your liver from the toxic bile. It is recommended to consume it at least two glasses a day. The other benefit is that it can help to balance the acidity in the blood. Besides, it is very effective to clear acne, heal anemia, asthma, constipation, and water retention. Furthermore, carrot juice also contains the antioxidants to reduce the risk of breast cancer and the post-menopausal syndrome up to 20%.